Heat Stress

Heat stress is a growing problem for workers and it’s time to address this issue head on. Workzones have become dangerous heat zones. In 2014 alone, OSHA reported 2,630 workers suffered from heat illness, and 18 died from heat stroke and related causes on the job. These numbers are shocking considering they are 100% preventable. Ignoring early warning signs can quickly lead to heat related illnesses (HRI) extremes, including heat stroke and death. Planning and preparedness are not luxuries, but necessities when it comes to HRI prevention. Find summer seasonal products to keep your business cool.

Heat is not the only danger during the summer. Mosquitoes and pests pose a threat to you and your employees. Get the products to keep your employees safe and keep the job moving. Learn more about pest control.

Cooling Products

Hydration Products

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Heat Stress Symptoms and Treatments

This chart outlines the four most common HRIs in order of severity.
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Heat Index Chart

High temperatures and humidity are the biggest environmental factors contributing to heat stress.
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